Tacky Little Cars

Tacky Little Cars

So you bought a four cylinder front wheel drive economy car? Great! Hats off to dependable transportation. Now all it needs is 17″ rims with 40 series tires, a ten piece ground effects package, $10,000 worth of car stereo equipment, a six inch bell exhaust tip, drop spindles, custom paint, neon lights, and a great big Batman wing on the back. Awesome, right? Wrong!!!

This just screams that all your taste is in your mouth. You’ve done nothing to the motor. You draw extra attention to a car that can’t perform up to it’s bastardized image. In fact, with the extra weight you may be slower than stock. And worst of all, the car looks like shit. You now have an aggressive looking econobox that gets smoked off the line by just about any farm truck with a V8.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know there are some fast Hondas and Neons out there. There are some people out there that have done some awesome engine and suspension work on these cars. However, these are the exception not the rule.

Most of these cars that you run into at the red light are “all show and no go.” Cheap, gaudy cars driven by little boys who wear their baseball hats backward and play obnoxious (c)rap music loud enough to shake the screws out of their dashboards. They are probably all headed to the “audio drags.”

If your are personally offended by these statements, listen up! You need to know about REAL cars and trucks.

A real car/truck has a V8 with rear wheel drive (or 4WD). Real cars/trucks are big and heavy. If you have V8 power, why not drive a car/truck made with real metal? Remember, if you are in an accident, “He who has the most metal-Wins!” You don’t need a shoehorn to get into a real car.